Birth Mommy Tattoo

While I was pregnant with Rylee, my birth daughter back in 2001 and when I decide on doing an open adoption..I always new that one day I wanted a tattoo honoring Rylee and my sacrifice. Well it finally happened.
I have been searched and searched online for a tattoo that I felt told my story and my feelings about my love for Rylee and my pain. I could NOT find anything that really did any justice. I asked my very good friend Jen for some advice, right away she told me that I should go to her brother, Jason Kunz (http://jasonkunz.com/ ) he is a tattoo artist and has his very own tattoo shop.
I thought that would be a good idea. She emailed him with a brief description of my story and he came up with a beautiful drawing! It was so perfect.

Yes, it was a bit more painful then I had expected, a lot more painful then the little chinsy tattoo I got when I was 18... but I think I fared well. After it was done (2 1/2 hours later) I looked in the mirror and immediately got teary eyed...it was perfect..he did an amazing job and I was so pleased!

I love it so much, and look at it way to many times throughout the day!

This is a sacred heart tattoo. If you notice at the top of the heart there is a big piece of heart missing with rays of light pushing out the pieces and that sends a crack through the heart, well that of course represents that Rylee is the missing piece of my heart and the broken heart says that there will always be pain. The halo reminds me of the heart wrenching sacrifice I made and that God will never forget that sacrifice. Wings of course always remind me of peace....which I hope that someday I will have.
This is an old blog from Myspace, I had this tattoo done in June 06.

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