Just this last spring break I found my new favorite past time, hobby and love. Snowboarding! Snowboarding is something that I have always wanted to try but never had the chance to do before. When we moved out to Randle, WA. over 7 years ago I always thought that snowboarding would be such a fun thing because we are only 25 minutes away from White Pass!!

Well my chance finally came earlier this month during the kids spring break. My parents came and got the kids for the whole week. One night while we were wondering what to do with the kids gone my husband say's, "lets go snowboarding this week" I was SHOCKED hearing this come out of his mouth... I got so excited. Two days later we went snowboarding.

My husband our good friend Aaron and I headed to the pass. On the way up it was snowing and beautiful. I could feel my heart pumping with excitement when we reached the pass and I saw all the skiers and riders out there. I couldn't wait, I felt like a little kid waiting in line at disneyland for Splash Mountian or something..hehe. After we got all our gear on and our tickets we headed to the lift. For some reason..this was the thing I was most nervous about..not the actual going on the lift..it was getting off and on the lift that I was nervous about. To my surprise the getting on..was a piece of cake...then comes the getting off...and yes I fell, I fell all day long.

I didn't start out on the bunny hill, I wanted to..but Jeff didn't want to..so we started on the second biggest hill. It took me almost an hour to get down that hill..when now It only takes me a few minutes. Lucky for Jeff..even after 10 years of not riding..he picked it up right away. Aaron stayed back and help me try to get the basics down.. the balancing, toes and heels and getting up after falling. I swear I probably fell down 100 times...and I had a few really good slams, one that knocked the beegeezes right out of me. There were a few times that I just wanted to give up and cry..because after falling so much..getting up was SOOOO tiresome my energy was just sucked right out. I didn't give up though, I was so determined to get it down. I think our last run of the day.. i made it without falling, and that was such an awesome feeling.

The next morning..... oh yes, the next morning.... boy was I SORE. I had never felt pain like that in my life. I had muscles ache that I never even new I had before, and here I thought that my working out daily would save me from soreness, yeah right. I secretly loved the soreness, just knowing I found and worked other muscles was very fascinating to me.

I have gone twice since my first time, each time keeps getting better and better. This last weekend we spend the whole day on the big run. I have conquered getting off the lift and i'm really good with my heels and edging..but I need to work on my toes. The thing I love about snowboarding is cold crisp air, the quietness and just the freedom and the control you have over your board. I love that I can control everything...I love the feeling of when I straighten out my board and the speed just comes...hits you in the face and the adrenalin just courses through your veins...it's such and exhilarating feeling.

I am so sad that this season is coming to a close, there is only one more weekend left and I hope we can make it up once last time!! We did get season passes our last trip up...so i'm very psyched for next season!!! Hoping we can get the kids into it next season too!!

P.S. If snowboarding isn't wonderful enough......I have burned 1500 calories and over each time I have gone up..and that's buring 50% fat!!! AMAZING!!!!

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