Weight loss journey

When I was in my 3rd trimester with Kaylee..I was a borderline with having gestational diabetes and my doctor had put me on a special diet for the remainder of my pregnancy. This is when I started realising that I needed to do something about my weight. I gave it a little thought..but not too much. After Kaylee was born..pretty much immediately I was diagnosed with severe Postpartum Depression and was put on antidepressants. I was miserable..a big mess..and even though I was breastfeeding..I was packing on those pounds, with no care at all. I ate and ate and ate and ate.
After another appt with my Dr. he warned me that if I was thinking of getting pregnant again there would be a 99% chance that I would get gestational diabetes if I didn't lose some weight. He also warned me that I was at very high risk for developing diabetes when I got older. Even after hearing that from my doctor...I was a little cautioned, and I didn't really care, but it was not the thing that made it "click" for me to lose my weight. It happened almost a year later.

It all started November 3rd, 2006, actually it started just the night before, or that's when I truly new my life would change. I had just put the kids to bed, Jayson had just turned 3 and my princess Kaylee had just had her big 1st birthday :) After they were asleep I hopped in the shower..when I got out and dried off a little bit I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror (I usually NEVER look at myself naked) but I decided to look, and when I did the tears just started pouring. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I could not believe that the image staring back at me....was ME. I was grossed out, disgusted and disappointed. I couldn't believe that I had let myself get so dang obese... yes not just fat, I was OBESE. Then after just a few minutes it was like a light switched on in my head..all the sudden I thought to myself, " I don't have to be this way, I can change, I can take control of my own body, it's going to be the hardest thing I've ever done, and I know it won't be easy, but I WILL do it"

I went to bed that night more determined than I have ever been in my whole life, I was excited for the next day.

Then next morning I woke up full of unexplained energy. The very first thing I did was raid my kitchen. I went through my cupboards, pantry and refrigerator and threw out every nasty thing I could. Which was anything highly processed. I threw out all white breads, chips, tortillas, crackers, flour, pastas..boxed dinners.. you name it I threw it out. After I was done..my kitchen was pretty much empty but i was excited to fill it with tons of good complex carbohydrates (wheat pastas, breads, grains, flours..etc.) that's exactly what I did. Now this was no big deal to me at all...I love everything wheat so this was no big change to me..I know for some people it's a bit harder.

That same day I started to work out too. Even though I was very active as a teenager and played sports...my body had changed and was not used to any kind of activity. So I started out working out 6 days a week with low impact and low intensity,this way I new I wouldn't want to give up if the workouts were too hard. I started out doing Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone. It's an in-home walking program. Even though I felt like an old lady doing some in home walking.. it really helped. It was easy to follow, I never once got discouraged and I never wanted to give up. I was happy with how I was starting out on my weight loss journey. Just after that first day I really felt like I was on the right track and that this is something I could finally do for myself..with no ones help! I lost 20lbs in my first month of my journey. I couldn't believe I was actual doing it.

I started bumping up my workout routines, still working out 6 days a week and taking Sundays as my rest day...I did Walk Away the Pounds for the first two months..then my body started get use to it..so then I started doing some Tae Bo..then I would just do as many different kinds of cardi0 workout as I could. I lost 58 pounds in 8 months, that's an average of about 7 pounds a month. That might not seem a lot to you, but when you are trying to lose weight and be healthy for life SLOW and STEADY is the way to go. Now that coming from a very IMPATIENT person , well that say's a LOT..and I hope it shows you how serious I am about losing weight.

Course there is down sides. The dreaded plateau.....oh and did I ever have a plateau. I was in a plateau for over a WHOLE YEAR. Yes it's true. I couldn't lose anymore than 58lbs for over a year!! I didn't gain weight..but I sure the heck could not lose any more. Finally.... I started doing lots of research on the web and learned that I needed to start strength training (weights, resistance etc.) So I quickly incorporated that into my workouts. I bought some dumbbells and started doing a program called P90X (awesome, highly recommend it) That first week of introducing strength in my cardio and lost 2lbs I was 60 pound DOWN..that was a huge milestone for me!!! I was ecstatic. Finally this last December I finally reached my first goal of being 150lbs that was a weight loss of 66 pounds (yes do the math I weighted 216lbs when I started). I surpassed that by 1 pound and weighed in at 149lbs! I think I almost fainted when I saw that.

Thatwas short lived because that was right before Christmas. I gained about 9lbs during the holidays. I'm very use to this fluctuating weight now. It's going to be a never ending battle for me. When I reached my 40 pound milestone..my husband and I went to Hawaii and I gained 12 pounds in 5 days.. yes you heard that right. I was devastated...when we got back from Hawaii it took me a whole month to get those 12 pounds back off. Living this life is not easy. I'm easily tempted by food...sweets are my down fall. When ever I go back home to visit my family it's extremely hard to control my portions and stay on track. I gain about 3 pounds every time I go visit. I always lose it..but it's just a struggle.

Sometimes I get so depressed when I see skinny girls who can eat whenever they want..and not gain an ounce. Yeah yeah ..I know they are just "skinny fat" meaning that even though they are skinny and beautiful..they probably couldn't do 1 single push up to save their lives..and have absolutely no muscle on their skanky little bodies..but still it hurts. I have to work hard every single day for the rest of my life to keep my body the way it is. The sad thing is... I still see the FAT Krissy. When I look at myself even now..I still see fat girl. My body has changed so much. After having 3 babies by c-section and losing lots of weight..I got lots of extra saggy skin..and it makes me cry every time I see it. That's why I'm so determined to get a tummy tuck someday, I even made appointment to have a consultation to see a Plastic Surgeon to see what he said. He said that I will never be able to lose that..because it's just loose skin, and he said I'd be a perfect candidate for having the procedure! It needs to go. All this work I've done..and all this maintaining..I want to be able to look at my body and be proud of all my work.... not to hide it and get sad.
I wouldn't change anything though. I'm more healthy then I have ever been in my life. I have tons of energy..I love playing with my kids..and I don't get out of breath doing simple house hold chores. I got my life back and my goal is to help and inspire many others, let them know that they CAN DO IT!!!


Lauren said...

AWESOME!!! You're such an inspiration! You should post this, or at least the link to it on Ladies Who Lose It! Thanks mama~!

Anonymous said...

Wow... Bitterness towards slender people much? I don't think anyone has the right to cast aspersions on other people's fitness. Those slender girls may be very fit but built very lean. And just because someone is skinny doesn't make them a skank. Personally, I find big tattoos skanky, but that's my opinion.